Valerie “Val” Peltier
Operations Manager/ Center Manager BVE Kindergarten-2

Val has 2 years of educational training as an Outdoor Adventure Naturalist and several years of experience working Outdoor Education programs across B.C. She enjoys bike touring, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, gardening, creating, crafting and drawing. She loves working for RASS because she enjoys being a part of the community and creating a safe and engaging atmosphere for the kids to go to each day. Val enjoys interacting with the kids and watching them grow and make connections. It also reminds her to keep the connection between nature and play relevant in her daily life.

Rebecca ‘Becca’ Duthie
Center Manager CPE

Becca holds a certificate as an Education Assistant and has experience working outdoors and knowledge with being bear aware and environmentally aware. She enjoys hiking, snowboarding, PC gaming, drawing and adventuring around her home town with her two dogs. Becca enjoys working for RASS because the staff and the kids create a very welcoming community. She believes that this program is very needed in our beautiful mountain town and is happy to be a part of it.

Christa Duddy
Center Manager BVE Grades 3-5

Christa is a mother to three children. She is passionate about providing care and developing childcare for parents alike. Since moving to Revelstoke she has found herself a career in childcare working for Caribou kids and the After School Program. Christa enjoys camping with her family and being outdoors. She loves working at RASS because it allows her to connect deeper with her own children and see them flourish in a natural environment.

Sawyer Ellingboe
Program Development Coordinator

Sawyer has obtained her early childhood educator assistant certificate and is working towards her full ECE. She has training as a Forest and nature school practitioner, inclusion training, and has previous experience working as a camp director at Blue Lake Summer Camp. She enjoys skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, camping and travelling. Sawyer loves working with RASS because she loves seeing the kids gain confidence and build self resilience through outdoor play.

Angela Pynn
Outdoor Education Childcare Facilitator

Angela studied her Bachelor of Education in Social Studies and Math and substitutes at Begbieview Secondary School. She enjoys snowboarding, biking and creating art. Angela loves seeing the kids develop over the course of the year and enjoys being outside providing a caring natural experience for the youth in our community.

Jessica Booth
Outdoor Education Childcare Facilitator

Jess has obtained a Bachelor degree in Outdoor and Environmental Education & a Bachelor of Arts in Nature Tourism. She enjoys making memories in wonderful places with special people. She tends to spend the majority of her time in the forest or the alpine with a field book in hand learning about the world around her including the plants, birds and animals that live there. Her favorite way to explore the world around her is either between the ears of a horse, riding her bike or with skis attached to her feet. Jess loves working for RASS for so many reasons but most of all because it brings together values from her personal/ professional life and her education. RASS allows her to connect with her community and she feels privileged to share insight into how the children perceive and experience the world.